Mother of Rabbits

...and 2 human kids

7 things that helped us survive the last 7 months

It’s hard to believe that just a short 7 months ago, we were rushing to the hospital because my water broke while having lunch with my friend Jess in the office. Everything seemed to be a diaper-hued blur since then – punctuated by small segments of sleep, lots of googling, quite a few doctors, and the sweetest smiles on earth. As we’re emerging from weeks of teething (he sprouted 4 teeth at the same.. Read More

The logic of being a nutty first-time parent

Statement: “Every baby is different“, as uttered by every parent and grandparent and friend of your coworker’s neighbor’s nanny and plastered everywhere on the Interwebs and in the footnotes of every parenting book, is true. Nutty first-time parent behavior: I googled the sh*t out of everything. Being a first-time parent means that anything you did not care about before the baby, or is even greatly disgusted by (poop!), is now vitally important.. Read More

Adventures in Breastfeeding

Three months in: I can now tentatively say that I’m finally getting into the swing of things with breastfeeding. To say that I had a rough start is an understatement – I kept whining to my husband that I wish I had a time machine to this past September to tell the naive and freshly postnatal me, “go see a lactation consultant NOW!” and that would solve all of my problems up until.. Read More

An ode to maternity ward nurses

Baby Max arrived a week before his due date. Leading up to giving birth and throughout my whole pregnancy, I had a fairly nonchalant approach to motherhood – I had planned to work until my due date, in fact, my water broke while I was still in the office. My first real moment of panic occurred while waiting for my husband to pick me up to head to the hospital – I suddenly.. Read More

Beyond #TreatYoSelf: Prenatal Massage

In the third trimester, everything hurts. It hurts to stand, and hurts more to sit for a long time. My lower body did not get the memo that this baby has more growing to do, and my back is constantly threatening to quit.

Rice cooker Hainan Chicken Rice (and a vegan version!)

My parents spend their summers in Singapore, where one can get a killer serving of Hainan chicken and rice in many of the city’s wonderful open-air food markets. The dish’s wonderfully light and tender chicken is great – my favorite part has always been the fragrant and fluffy rice.

Not bad, AMC Theaters app…

Not only does the AMC Theaters app sell movie tickets without the Fandango surcharge (and the AMC surcharge is waived if you’re a part of their loyalty program), it now displays movie review info at a glance, plus RunPee integration. Pretty awesome when your bladder is currently the size of a tiny fist, which is appropriate because a tiny fist might be pummeling said bladder while you take full advantage of.. Read More