Toffee came into our lives in September ’08. At the time of adoption, her name was Hannah.

I remember her clearly as she was in the exercise pen and out of her cage when we first saw her in the “rabbit room” at the Animal Care & Control shelter in Harlem. She was standing up on her hind legs, checking us out. She came home with us to Queens, where we prepped a cage setup for her (which was pretty sizable to us, at the time). We re-named her Toffee after her coat color.

First photo of Toffee, Sept. '08.
First photo of Toffee, Sept. ’08.

Her adoption papers said her breed is “Brittania Petite”, and her owner surrendered her to the shelter. Cindy Stutts of Rabbit Rescue & Rehab of NYC, who tirelessly helped us with the adoption process, suspected that Toffee was originally obtained from a breeder. Toffee’s been spayed, as all adoptable rabbits are, and came to us with wonderful litterbox skills.

Initially, she stayed in her cage during the day while we’re at work, and we gave her “out time” when we got home in the form of an enclosed space in front of her cage. “Out time” quickly turned into the whole living room, and then we took apart her cage altogether as her quarters shifted to an X-pen setup. Nothing can contain her massive personality – she ran and jumped and danced, poked her nose into the tightest corners, hopped onto the highest platforms, decided that our pants and slippers are her enemies, ate most of the remote control buttons, and hung out with us on the couch as we watched The Rock of Love.

Toffee vs. Pants
Toffee vs. Pants

We eventually moved to a bigger apartment with a second bedroom that wholly belonged to Toffee (and soon, her partner-in-crime, S’mores). The entire room setup still was not good enough for her. To this day, in our single-family home in the suburbs, she still thinks of every possible way to sneak by us when it’s time to go to bed at night, and run as fast as she can in the opposite direction whenever she hears the sound of her enclosure door closing. One of her favorite activities is to map out a long and complicated route in all areas available to her, and sprint at least 4 or 5 laps at top speed. If any of us have the misfortune of getting in the way of her Bunny 500, she grunts and boxes at our legs until we move out of her way.

Simply put, she has no taste for rules, boundaries, or curfews. We have a feeling she’ll forever be the rebellious teenager telling us “you didn’t have to make rules to make sure I’m safe, I can take care of myself!”.

Toffee currently lives in our dining room with her hus-bun S’mores, with full access to the ground floor of our house when we are home to make sure that she’s not getting herself stuck while pushing aside cushions in the sectional couch.

In a movie, Toffee would be voiced by Emma Watson.