And it’s a beautiful day to start¬†writing!

My mom kept a journal when she was pregnant with me. She recounted its pages when I was small (to make me laugh, to teach me a lesson, etc.). And as the years went by, referred to it for details that’s escaped all of our memories. As I’m at exactly the halfway point through my pregnancy, I figured it’s time to write things down as well.

I don’t know much about the little guy growing inside me, other than the fact that he’s a “he” and likes to do somersaults during ultrasounds. While he’s the intention of this site, I’m dedicating it to my children with whom I’m already well-acquainted with. Namely, Toffee (Brittania Petite rabbit), S’mores (Dutch rabbit), and the Ladies Sybil and Edith (American shorthair guinea pigs).

Also hoping that regularly updating here will curb my online shopping habit. Wishful thinking!

Photo: Garnish Antiques, Montclair, NJ.