Mother of Rabbits

...and 2 human kids

Rice cooker Hainan Chicken Rice (and a vegan version!)

My parents spend their summers in Singapore, where one can get a killer serving of Hainan chicken and rice in many of the city’s wonderful open-air food markets. The dish’s wonderfully light and tender chicken is great – my favorite part has always been the fragrant and fluffy rice.

Not bad, AMC Theaters app…

Not only does the AMC Theaters app sell movie tickets without the Fandango surcharge (and the AMC surcharge is waived if you’re a part of their loyalty program), it now displays movie review info at a glance, plus RunPee integration. Pretty awesome when your bladder is currently the size of a tiny fist, which is appropriate because a tiny fist might be pummeling said bladder while you take full advantage of.. Read More